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Somos PSV Parent Ambassadors

What is the Somos PSV Parent Ambassador Program?

The Somos PSV Parent Ambassador Program allows parents the opportunity to use their leadership skills to play a central role in effectively working with educational leaders to improve the experiences of Latinx families in private schools. This program is essential to PSV as it empowers parents to successfully partner and advocate for children, reinforces the pride and power of community building and support, and it highlights our shared belief in a strong family-school partnership which is optimal for student achievement.


The benefits of being a Somos PSV Parent Ambassador include:

  • increased networking opportunities & visibility among the Somos PSV community, in the school community, and with school leaders 

  • development of leadership and advocacy skills in a small group setting 

  • increased knowledge about DEIJ and SEL (social-emotional-learning) issues and the opportunity to engage intelligently around these areas

  • the many tangible and intangible benefits of helping our community and all of our children


The Somos PSV Parent Ambassador Program is made up of volunteer parent leaders who are trained to engage around the program objectives which are to ensure:

  • the school community's needs for information and support from Somos PSV are clear and communicated;

  • the Somos PSV mission is communicated and demonstrated in the school community;

  • that the school community is aware of upcoming Somos PSV events and similarly, Somos PSV is aware of school events,

  • that Somos PSV events and activities are conceptualized & supported appropriately (e.g. volunteering in many capacities),

  • that newly-enrolled families in the school know about Somos PSV as a resource and welcomed to the community,

  • that Latinx teachers, administrators, faculty and staff know about Somos PSV and are welcomed to the community,

  • that they serve as a resource for prospective families who want to learn more about the private school experience

  • increased parent knowledge about social, emotional, cultural, and educational issues that specifically impact our community​

Somos PSV Parent Ambassadors commit to:

  • Attending one training session in the Fall approximately 2 hours long 

  • Attending six virtual meetings to touch bases, prepare for various events, skill build, ask questions, etc.

  • Attending one end-of-the-year meeting to review the year, plan for next year, etc. 

  • Serving as a resource for prospective, newly-enrolled, and current families (being available to connect with prospective families to answer questions about the private school experience, school culture, and more either via an online platform or via direct email when requested)

  • Assisting in the cross communication/promotion and community-building aspects related to working collaboratively with their school and with Somos PSV

Ideally, we can identify two parent volunteers per school, per division in the school (so if you are a school community with an elementary and middle school for example, we'd like to identify 2 volunteers for elementary and 2 more for middle school). 

Interested parents should complete the form below. Once submitted, parents will be emailed with next steps. If you do not receive an email, or have any questions, please check your SPAM/Junk folder or contact

Somos PSV Parent Ambassador Registration Form
(2023-2024 School Year)
Which School Division Do You Want to Represent?
Happy Family
Interested Student
Sign Up: Parent Ambassador

Archer School for Girls
Perla Good
Josie Ventura

Vincent Jones

Campbell Hall
Kimberly Lord


Rudy Flores

Fernanda London

Raul Flores

Neilani Flores


Carmen Villanueva 

Jhinezka Dancer

Stacy Armillei


Children’s Community School
Evelyn Sanchez

Crossroads for Arts & Sciences
Rosalba Sernas

Flintridge Preparatory
Sandra Meda-Walker

Hollywood Schoolhouse
Amerika Reyes

John Thomas Dye

Gregory Zamora


Chiara Slewett

Jessie Murray

Mirman School
Cynthia Carrasco

St. James' Episcopal
Annelyne Coronado

Cecilia  Lopez

The Center for Early Education
Sol Garcia

The Country School
Alida Garcia

Heidi Rojas

The Waverly School of Long Beach
Yamileth Varas

Liz Perez-LoPresti


The Wesley School
Jose Ventura


Turning Point

Venisa Ibarra  


Walden School
Miguel Ruelas


Westerly School of Long Island
Mary Jimenez


Ivette Osorio


Gina Rodriguez

Rene Rodriguez

Tricia Xavier

Laura Martinez

Westridge School
Cecilia Lopez

Westside Neighborhood School

Elva Garcia

Nancy Part

Veronica Vera

Raphaella Lima

Wildwood School
Claudia Hatter

Windward School

Chiara Slewett

Thank You to Our
2023-2024 Parent Ambassadors

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