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Somos PSV Advisor Group

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The Somos PSV Parent Advisor Group (PAG) are the heart and soul of Somos PSV as they work closely to conceptualize and implement activities and events. From coordinating to securing in-kind support and providing real-time feedback as opportunities and challenges arise, this group is the driving force behind the organization's ability to sustain and grow.


PAG members are committed to the values of Somos PSV, ensuring the mission remains central in decision making and they serve as an engaged conduit between, and advisor to, the PSV Board and the larger Parent Ambassador Group. ​

Thank you to our Somos PSV Parent Advisor Group
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Hilda Valdez

Somos Asst. Deputy Director 
The Country School 


Rita Silva

Somos Deputy Director 
The Country School and Oakwood


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Tina Curry

Hollywood Schoolhouse

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Jhinezka Dancer
Chandler School 

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Lilly Bernal Pino

The Country School
Oakwood School 

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Patty Chaves- Joy

Parent Ambassador Co-Chair 
Laurence School & Harvard Westlake

Diana Brown

Parent Ambassador Co-Chair
Laurence School and Harvard Westlake 

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